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Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365/Business Central Extension Development

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With the release of Dynamics NAV 2018, a new extension model most commonly refered to as "Extensions 2.0" was introduced. This model is building upon series of Dynamics NAV/365 platform improvements, such as eventing and the modern development environment based on Visual Studio Code. The introduction of Extensions 2.0 vastly improves on the previous version of extensibility, making Dynamics NAV 2018 extension framework much more robust and future proof. In addition to these improvements, you also get benefits of modularity and easier solution upgrades. If you have not tried to package you solution as an extension before, now is the time.

Our team has been working with the new extension model since the early preview releases and is closely familiar with its capabilities and limitations. We can help you with transition to developing add-ons as extensions by providing coaching, development resources and extension release process assitance.

Add-on Conversion To Extensions

Do you want to convert an existing Dynamics NAV add-on to an Extension 2.0? We can:

  • Assess the solution and let you know what will work and what will not
  • Identify parts that need to be refactored
  • Evaluate overall scope of effort required
  • Work with you to perform the conversion

New Extension Development

Do you have an idea for a new extension for Dynamics NAV/365/Business Central? We can:

  • Estimate the effort required based on functional requirements
  • Design, develop, test and package your Extension for the release on AppSource 

Extension Publishing Assistance

Do you have your extension almost ready and need guidance with publishing it on AppSource? We can:

  • Assess compliance with Extension development guidelines
  • Produce the supporting documentation
  • Guide through the approval and release process on AppSource




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